January 12, 2018

Hormone Regularity- Yes It's A Thing

Wait, you mean to tell me I don't have to remain a fire breathing dragon or walking Weeping Willow? 

Ladies, we've all been there; when it's "that time of the month" and you can't sleep at night and find yourself crying over cat youtube videos and can't control the tears that are rolling down your face. Yeah, that. 

My hormones have always been what I like to call "apparent" but in the last 5 months (shortly after my 19th birthday) things got wako. 
I mean like I was on an emotional rollercoaster- and it wasn't just that week before/during my period it was EVERYDAY. I quickly realized that something was off and of course "took to Google." I learned that the most common solution was Birth Control and no part of me wanted to pump my body with that stuff. I had seen and heard to many of the horror stories of the side effects from BC (acne, weight gain, depression, fatigue, etc.) and wanted no part of it. That being said, I sought out a natural way to remedy my hormone woes. 
and here's what I did:

disclaimer: I, Anna, am in no way remotely close to a medical professional. I am not claiming that the things I have used can cure, heal, or treat a disease or condition. I encourage you to speak with your physician when incorporating something new!

First, lets review the Endocrine System. 
The endocrine system is made up of a network of glands. These glands secrete hormones to regulate many bodily functions including growth, metabolism, tissue function, sexual reproduction, sleep, mood, etc. 
Endocrine diseases (over or under functioning thyroid, adrenal fatigue, etc.) are common and occur when glands produce an incorrect amount of hormones. 
So, we want to make sure this system is running smoothly and the way God intended it to.

How do you know that the system is down?
Hormones are chemical messengers that travel throughout the body coordinating complex processes like I mentioned before. They can influence the function of the immune system, and even alter our behavior. 
so here are some signs that you might need to give your ES some TLC 

Increased anxiety/depression/moodiness (hello)
Low energy (hello)
Fatigue (opp yep hey)
Difficulty sleeping/staying asleep (mm hi)
Excessive hunger (me, all the time)
Low libido
Fertility issues
Difficulty gaining or losing weight
Brain fog
and the list goes on....

How do I fix it?
This was my question exactly. Now that you've recognized where the issue might be, lets talk about some solutions. 

PMS B- Vitamin Supplements

This one came recommended to me from my mamma (shout out to my mom for buying me vitamins and things). 
These supplements contain vitamin B2, B6, and B12 as well as Magnesium, Cramp Bark, Dandelion Leaf, Wild Yam Root, and Black Cohosh Root. 
I take 3 capsules daily with food which was definitely an adjustment for me (I'm not a big pill person)  but now if I miss a day of taking my supplements I can tell. 

Ingesting the vitamins that my body needs while absorbing the extracts my body wants is what I've seen the most results with. Listen to your body. 

Young Living's "Progressence Plus Serum"
*waits for applause to settle*

When I ordered my starter kit with Young Living , I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I unlocked a whole new world of natural wellness and this was one of the first gems I found.

Progressence Plus contains some of the most loved essential oils, including Sacred Frankincense and Peppermint but along with that, this serum contains a natural occurring Progesterone (wait what?). Yeah, you heard me, a natural occurring Progesterone from Wild Yam extract. 
It also contains Vitamin E so it proves to be EXTREMELY beneficial to your skin; highly moisturizing and soothing to promote healthy, glowing skin. Add a few drops to your moisturizer, or massage directly into your skin.
I will typically rub a drop or two (you don't need a lot, a little goes a long way) on the back of my neck and a drop on my forearms for added support. 

After 2 weeks of using this consistently I noticed a drastic difference in my emotions. I felt more in control of my feelings and way more rational. I was sleeping better and more soundly, and to tell you the truth I didn't believe I stopped using it for a week and y'all...I was back on that roller coaster again, headed up for the big of course I immediately went back and applied it to my pressure points. I was then "sold" to say the least. 

"This little bottle is USP-grade, super-micronized progesterone from wild yam blend with essential oils and vitamin E to help women find balance the way nature intended it. Specifically formulated by D. Gary Young, ND, and Dan Purser, MD, Progressence Plus maximizes the effects of progesterone by utilizing an innovative delivery system. The first-ever progesterone serum on the market, this essential oil-infused product enhances substance penetration through the skin and contains pure frankincense, bergamot, and peppermint essential oils."

Primary benefits:
+ Naturally encourages the body's optimal balance
+ Absorbs more quickly than other natural progesterone supplements
+ Does not require cycling of application use

Who should use Pro Plus?:
+ Menstruating females over the age of 12
+ Pre- and Post-Menopausal women 
+ Women seeking natural balance 
+ Women looking for a calming sleep aid

*Do not use in conjunction with contraceptives. 
If pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult a healthcare practitioner prior to use.

Lavender, Joy, Stress Away

These are oils I use on a daily basis that have giving me increased emotional support. 

Lavender: One of the most "well known" essential oils out there. Comes in the starter kit. Smells like actual lavender-not that synthetic, fake junk that we think is lavender.
I put one drop on my feet before going to bed, and sometimes diffuse it as I'm "winding down", I sleep like a baby. 

Stress Away: This is a blend that also comes in the starter kit. It is my "most-used" oil and is actually almost gone...
When I received my kit I immediately put the roller ball (which comes in the kit as well) onto this bottle and got rolling. I was obsessed with the way it smelt and it made me feel so "chill." It contains Balsam Copaiba, Lime, Cedarwood, Vanilla, Ocotea, and Lavender essential oils. It's perfect for those moments you feel stressed or on edge; just by simply inhaling it, almost instantly I felt more grounded.

Joy: Really Anna, You mean to tell me they put Joy in a bottle?
Yeah, pretty much. 
Another blend from Young Living which contains Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Lemon, Coriander, Tangerine, Jasmine, Roman Chamomile, Palmarosa, and Rose essential oils. YL describes it as being  "..formulated to invite a sense of romance, bliss, and warmth." It smells divine in the diffuser and several of my oily friends wear it as their daily perfume. I'll typically apply it over my heart in the morning to help me start my day with an uplifting and simply happy aroma. 

Lifestyle and Hormone Support:

I quickly want to just touch on the importance of having a healthy lifestyle to have happy hormones. We can use our oils all day long for support, but if we're not taking care of ourselves in other ways, we're not going to get the most out of them. It's important that we care of all of the different lifestyle factors- nutrition, sleep, exercise, etc.- to have the happiest hormones!
When we take care of ourselves in these areas, we'll notice even more support from our oils!

Oils I have yet to try:

Endoflex- (blend) Support for healthy thyroid, hormone, metabolism, and adrenal function.
-can be paired with Pro Plus for dynamic duo for ladies, and Shutran for men (yup, they've got an oil for Him too),

Clary Sage- Supports healthy attitude during PMS, and supports menopausal women emotionally due to its balancing nature.
-It contains anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it great to support/relieve any menstrual discomfort (bye bye cramps).
-also brings balance aiding insomnia, heavy menstruation, hot flashes, and healthy skin!

Fennel- Loads of benefits, including the support of regular menstruation cycles (to all my girls that tend to be irregular, this one's for you)

Geranium- Floral powerhouse which helps you fight moodiness, weariness, and fluid retention that may happen at different times of the month. 

Dragon Time- (blend) Promotes feelings of stability and calm during cycles of moodiness. Perfect for supporting normal, healthy, emotions during the female monthly cycle. 
-They also make a massage oil with Dragon Time which I've heard works wonders if you battle heavy cramping like I do, It's coming in my order this month!

I hope this was helpful and educational and also reminds you that you're not alone. So many of us struggle in this area and there's no reason to feel embarrassed or ashamed. I want all of you to be happy, whole, and healthy the way that Jesus intended you to be. Ultimately, He gives us the peace that surpasses all understanding and He is the mighty healer that takes away all of our sickness and diseases. He cares about our adrenal glands and our endocrine system running smoothly and doesn't want you to struggle any longer. 
Feel free to comment, message, email me any questions you might have, I'm always happy to chat or go into more detail about the things I've mentioned. 

If you would like to get your hands on these oils mentioned, again just shoot me a message and I'll get you all the information you need!

With love

January 3, 2018

That Photo Shoot You Wanted To See

For all of you that requested to "see more" on my Instagram, this one's for you!

My sweet, wonderful, talented friend and "Boyfriend's sister" Camryn Comer (@kknicolecomer) did an incredible job with these photos. 

Did I mention that Mama Selenia was in town for Christmas and she joined in on the fun?!

January 2, 2018

Why I Chose Young Living

Hopefully you've had the chance to read my newest life update, if not pause real fast and give it a glance 
the rest of you can continue reading.

Natural Health and Wellness:
I made the decision to pursue a more holistic approach to the healing and overall wellness of my body (as covered in the last post). I started by chucking the junky, toxic products that were in my house, i.e. ALL of my bath and body works (ya'll don't even know the half of the GROSSNESS in those body lotions), perfumes, body washes, laundry detergent, toilet cleaner, etc.

{Check out the app Think Dirty to scan your products the way that I did.
Go on,
you know you're curious}

So now I needed to replace all of them...Oh but with what??? *pause for dramatic effect*

Essential Oils:
Okay, quick back story: 
Once upon a time, I was 11 years old, my mother began to use essential oils and incorporated them into our lives. They served as sleep support, and the occasional head ache but that was it...barely touching the surface. 
Fast Forward,
Now I was an "adult" 
*rolls eyes*
living on my own, buying my own groceries, paying for my own living expenses, and I realized that I had full control over what came into my house (making the switch to being "clean and green" much easier). I wanted essential oils again. 
So I began to seek them out.
I quickly learned that the world is a crazy place and that companies will label an oil as "100% pure" when in reality they TOTALLY aren't and are often filled with synthetic doo doo and fillers that are bad for you. 
Then I found the real deals.
I began purchasing my oils from a company that produces 100% pure (legit pure) therapeutic essential oils without a Multi level marketing format and it worked for me for about 2 months.
Why didn't it work you ask?

I wanted a complete lifestyle change and I knew that I couldn't do it buy purchasing a handful of oils that I had to google the benefits of in order to know how to use them. I needed help/support. I needed to see how other people were doing it.
Then I found Young Living.
{Side Note: I did very large chunks of research on this topic before making my decision to pursue Young Living and contemplated other brands/companies like doTerra Essential Oils. But ultimately, Young Living is the best in my opinion. They have been around the longest, have the largest selection of oils, the most thorough process of distillation and overall production of their oils and I felt and feel the most confident with them.}

Young Living Essential Oils:
I found a friend that had been using YL for over a year and she shared all the things with me. In the most open and honest way she shared how these oils and this company had impacted her and her family's life; I found that person that had successfully made it a lifestyle and I wanted to follow in suit. 
Then she showed me the TEAM!
The team she was on was absolutely incredible, Jesus loving, boss babes, stay-at-home mamas, full-time students, the list goes on; all living this natural, clean, healthy life out daily. The most exciting part was, there was room for me at the table!!!
I signed on with her and that team became my team and I now had access to ENDLESS resources, free classes, curriculum, community, and support systems all over the world, specifically for this group of women and men!
I learned that not every team was like this, and that sadly so many people sign up into teams that don't have the structure of ours; and once you sign up, the process to switch teams is extremely difficult and nearly impossible. 
And in the short amount of time that I have now been with Young Living I have seen so much improvement in so many different areas of my life. It truly has already completely changed so much for the better and I can't stop ranting and raving about it all.  
I've experienced better, deeper sleep, less stress and anxiety (no really, like the second I rub this stuff on my temples or pressure points its like BOOM instant zen), improvements in my skin (which I've been sharing in detail over social media), support with my digestion, relief from muscle tension, and I smell SOOOOOOO good.

Are you tired of being stressed out, anxious, fearful? Tired of being "tired" and sluggish all the time? Tired of poppin' Ibuprofen like it hot for every headache, muscle ache, or belly ache? Tired of using Victoria Secret's chemical cocktail as cologne?


How To Join In The Fun:
Buy a starter kit.

The same way there was room for me, there is room for you at the table. 
These little bottles are so much more than jars of oil, and they can support you in ways that you didn't know were possible. 

By purchasing a starter kit you automatically get access to all of the things I mentioned as well as 11 oils, a brand new diffuser, and your wholesale discount (to grow your collection), and I gain friends and comrades to run with and share the huge impact of health and wellness. 
 It's a win win all around.

How much moola we talking?
The starter kit retails for almost $300 
but YL offers it for $160

I know I know, $160 is up there but I reasoned it like this:
How much did Anna spend on toiletries and beauty products at Target in the last 6 months that were full of chemicals and junk that made a negative impact on my health and well being??? (The answer was way toooo much)
I am the epitome of the "starving college student" and if I can find a way to budget this I KNOW that you can too!
You find the time when it's right for you. 
Whenever you are ready to consciously make a lifestyle change, they'll still be here, waiting to make your life 100x greater!
Shoot me a message or email me with any questions and I'll happily walk you through the necessary steps to take. 

December 31, 2017

New Year New Me

Okay, before you chuck this to another clique "New Year's Resolutions" list, I've got a bunch to share with you. 
About two weeks ago I did an Instagram Live giving you all a quick life update and let you in on some big things I'm working on for the new year and promised I would write a synopsis on my blog is it. 

What I Was Doing:
I started this blog in July of 2016 when I moved to Hawaii to attend my Discipleship Training School (If you're new here, feel free to go back a read up on my adventures HERE). My intention was to create a space where I could process my discoveries and revelations and share the miracles I was witnessing throughout that season of my life. 

I titled the blog Bohemian Candor because I wanted to always strive to be transparent in my writings and what I share through social media. Honestly and openness were both things I built upon when beginning this whole thing. 

Upon returning home I decided that I wanted to continue to write here. I discovered how great of a tool it had become when processing and sorting through so many thoughts and experiences. I moved to South Carolina around the same time and was living on a beautiful farm overlooking the foothills of Asheville, NC (you can read about that HERE). I started selling my artwork to make some extra money and just continued to write and reflect (the introvert inside of me was recuperating from living in a house with 15 people for 3 months in Cape Town, South Africa). 

I then stumbled into fashion blogging and collaboration with brands. It was an extremely huge creative avenue for me but I quickly realized that WAS NOT what I wanted to do. I felt that there was too much noise around the entire subject and though I love fashion and expressing individualism through style, it wasn't what I wanted to focus on. Influencing happened very quickly for me and I would be happy to share pointers and what I did to get access to so many partnerships with any of you interested in pursuing that arena. 

So What Are You Doing Now Anna?:
(i'll tell you *smirk*)

I'm currently studying Esthetics (we're the skin gurus in the Cosmotology world). I originally was in it for the makeup, but I quickly realized that wasn't what I wanted to focus on either (they say the early 20s is a lot of "figuring stuff out"). I fell in love with skin care! I fell in love with the idea of building up an individuals self esteem, whether they were 16 years old and acnetic or 65 years old fighting years of sun damage and scarring. I wanted to come along side and support ones on the journey of recovery and healing....I quickly learned that that can be done hundreds of different ways. I was back to the drawing board in the sense of figuring out the pathway I wanted to pursue. Was it Medical Esthetics? Was is dropping out and getting a nursing degree (that was short lived because I'm scared of needles)? Was it building a business from the ground up and starting my own spa?
I was STRESSED to say the least. 

Around this same time I have been battling some sickness. I have struggled with digestion "issues" for the past 2 years and my gut health has definitely taken a toll. My mom being the wonderful mother that she is, has done countless amounts of research and gone the extra mile in helping me get better and we have narrowed it down to a handful of main causes and things that have helped aid in the process of overall wellness. Along with that, after recently turning 19, I've noticed a WACKO change in my hormones. The last few months have been a roller coaster. I've wrestled with crazy, random waves of anxiety and depression and lots of junk I want no part of, which has sparked some new passion to understand and find help, however that might look (I'd be happy to go into more detail about both of these things in another post, but for now that's all I'll touch on that). 
Basically, I've seen the most results in natural medicine and homeopathic remedies (shout out to all you tree huggers and naturopaths). 

That being said ^ 
I opened a door to a world I didn't even know existed. 
I didn't want just simply accept a prescription or pill for every ailment and sickness (not writing off western medicine, I think it is necessary in many cases). God placed things here on the earth for us and gave us access to so many things that can help us through our day to day.

I ultimately found my solution to both my career decision and my overall health...I decided I was going to do my research and make some changes.
I wanted to pursue overall NATURAL health and wellness in pretty much everything. 
I found an app called Think Dirty (go download it right now). 
I began scanning all of my beauty products and cleaning products and realized that the majority of the things I was using were full of toxic chemicals including reproductive/developmental toxicity and get this...HORMONE DISRUPTORS!
I learned that I could make these products myself with 100% pure grade essential oils and that they would actually benefit me in ways that these other products weren't; cleaning my bathroom and building up my immune system while purifying the air I breathe? Yes Please!

All natural skin care, all natural beauty, all natural cleaning supplies, all natural laundry detergent, the list literally keeps going. I decided this was the avenue I wanted to pursue, in both my personal life and in my career. I also want to share it with you, obviously throwing out all of my beauty products and buying/replacing it all tomorrow isn't ideal; it's going to be a process and I want to share that process with you, and maybe you'll even join me in it too?

So, here's a heads up, content will be changing a bit here on the blog. I'm not saying no to fashion posts forever but I'm definitely going to be taking a break and a different approach down the road. 
My artwork will continue and I'm going to be sharing more of it with you. 
I'll be sharing more skin care tips, tricks, and DIY recipes for you all along with answering any skin care questions you might have. 
And lastly, I will be sharing more of my day to day struggle to love Jesus with my whole heart, mind, and strength. I love you guys so much and this little community we've created. Thank you for sticking by me and keeping up with my life as I try to figure out what this thing is called "Adulthood" and "Life"

We'll talk soon

December 1, 2017

The Gift Of Giving- Jord Wood Watches

Looks like we are now in full swing "holiday mode" and in the midst of all the craziness and preparation I wanted to touch on something very dear to my heart. 
We all have different strengths and different weaknesses and I truly believe that God gave us gifts to express His love daily. For some it may be servanthood, your gift is to serve others and you express love through acts of service. For another it may be words of affirmation and you express love by knowing how to encourage others or pinpoint the best in an individual. Mine happens to be gift giving! I know that sounds silly, but I love to buy gifts for others, it is a huge way I show love. And if we're getting technical...I also love to receive gifts. 
Now that I'm living in North Carolina and adjusting to life "on my own" I have had to become creative with the gifts I give, sometimes its a candy bar and a little note, other times its a cup of coffee when I would so love to lavish the people in my life with shiny, new, beautiful things. It's not difficult to conclude that Anna absolutely loves Christmas, but in order to give all the gifts I want to give, I've got to stay within a budget... and that's what I want to talk about. 

If you've begun making your list and checking it twice, make sure you have a 100% natural, hand-finished wood watch from Jord on there too. 

This company goes above and beyond in crafting the most beautiful, unique timepieces that I have ever seen. 
Even their packaging is superb!

They carry a variety of styles for both her and him! 

Have a peak:

I tend to teeter-totter between simple/outdorsy and boho/chic which causes a little problem in my jewelry and accessory department. Many of my pieces hardly see the light of day because I just don't wear jewelry very often. This watch is perfect for a girl like me. It can be dressed up or down and is the perfect accent to any outfit. 

I'm wearing the Fieldcrest in Zebrawood and I can't tell you how many compliments I've gotten on it. Every time I wear it someone is either asking where I got it, or ranting on how original and beautiful it is. Because it is! 
Go ahead, do some shopping:

Here's the best part! Jord gifted me a 25% OFF coupon to share with all of you! For all of us who love to give gifts and show love, we can now do it within the budget. Imagine finding this in your stocking Christmas morning!

(code expires 12/19/17 so spare no time friends)

The hardest part about buying a Jord watch for someone special is not caving and buying one for yourself as well.
All of my love, Happy Holidays and Happy shopping!

 Special thanks to my honey and wonderful photographer Austin Comer 
Go give him some love:

Luxury Wooden Watch
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