May 10, 2018

DIY Dry Shampoo

March 1, 2018

DIY Toner

It's time for the next recipe in my series of " DIY Natural Skin Care"
The delectable Rose Tonique!

Let us begin:


1 Small Spray Bottle
1 Tbs Witch Hazel (Thayer's-alchol free)
(I chose the Rose Petal Witch Hazel today vs. the regular unscented)
5 Drops Lavender
3 Drops Manuka (not the most pleasant scent but oh so good for your skin)
a few drops of:
Vitamin E Oil
Argan Oil
Coconut Oil
Rosehip Seed Oil
Grapeseed Oil 

I chose a few drops of Argan Oil for this concoction

Other essential oil options:
Tea Tree

Add all ingredients to your spray bottle and fill the rest with water. 
Shake before using.

Why do we use toner?:

Toner is a fast-penetrating liquid that delivers a "quick hit" of hydration, helps remove dead skins cells on the surface of the skin, reduces oiliness, improves skin condition, and helps neutralize the pH of your skin, making it less susceptible the environment. 
It should be used directly after cleaning your face (at least twice a day) because most molecules penetrate the skin better when it's wet. 

How should I use toner?:

Application methods vary, 
some prefer to sprinkle directly into the palms of their hands and tap/pat into skin, others prefer to use a cotton round and gently swipe it around the face working outwards, and some will go as far as spritzing their face with toner mist throughout the day. 
I personally will apply directly onto my skin with my hands in the mornings (for that "pick me up) and swipe with cotton at night (to help remove any more dirt/makeup I might have missed)

Okay my natural beauty babes!
That's seriously all you need to create this incredibly affordable, beneficial, and sweet smelling Rose Tonique. 
It took me a total of 3 minutes to put all of my ingredients together and I spent the next 5 minutes spraying and sniffing *heart eyes*
That's all for today folks! 
I hope to see you back soon for my next DIY Skin Care Recipe!
Until then, 
Love you big!

January 20, 2018

DIY Face Wash

The first of many recipes to come.
DIY Face Wash
Incredibly moisturizing, leaving skin clean and soft, and the best part is: 

Let's get to it...

+ 1/3 Cup Castile Soap (Dr. Bronners- I chose Unscented)
 + 1 Tbs Fractionated Coconut oil 
+ (Optional) 1 Tbs Raw Organic Honey
+ 5 drops Lavender Oil
+ 5 drops Frankincense Oil
 + 5 drops Lemon Oil
(all oils that come in the Premium Starter Kit) 
+ Foaming Pump Bottle

This stuff is all natural and highly concentrated and comes in lots of different scents, I picked the basic unscented to remain universal but have fun with it and put your own little twist on it!

You might already know this but if not, heres a quick run down.
Coconut oil is the holy grail of fatty oils and a natural anti-bacterial. In it's natural state it has a pesky tendency to solidify in temperatures below 76 degrees F. That's why for recipes like this, or creating a roller for instance, you want FRACTIONATED coconut oil. Fractionated C.O. remains liquified and won't turn waxy on ya. 

Combine your Castile Soap and Coconut Oil. 
Next, measure 1 Tbs of Raw, Organic, Honey (bonus points if it's local). Honey is packed with antioxidants and naturally anti-bacterial making it great for acne treatment and prevention. It will also help in repairing skin and protecting it against oxidative and environmental damage. I also happen to LOVE the smell of Honey and Lavender together. 
Tip: if you're smart, use the same tablespoon you used to measure your coconut oil and your honey won't stick to the spoon! 

Oil Time!
Tea Tree

these are all oils that are FANTASTIC for your face/skin. Manuka is currently headed my way in this month's order!!!

I picked 
Lavender for acne,wrinkle, and any inflamation
Frankincense for cell protection and turn over, reduce blemishes and scarring, shrinking pores, moisture, and tightening (lets just take a moment to let Frank know how much we love him)
and Lemon for brightening, lightening, and a happy wake up call in the morning 

After adding your 5 drops of each essential oil, fill your pump bottle with water (slightly warmer to help melt the honey) and gently shake or stir.
It ended up being exactly 1 Cup of water to fill my bottle with enough space at the top for the pump lid. 

And there you have it darlings, took me about 7min and I can rest easy knowing that all of these ingredients are safe and natural and will not harm my body. 
Wash morning and evening (yes, evening, WASH YOUR FACE).
If there's one thing Anna will stress being the skin guru I am *hair flip* do not go to bed with your make up on. Your pores will hate you. 

Any who, that's all I've got for today. I hope you found this helpful, as always feel free to reach out with any questions.
With Love, 

January 12, 2018

Hormone Regularity- Yes It's A Thing

Wait, you mean to tell me I don't have to remain a fire breathing dragon or walking Weeping Willow? 

Ladies, we've all been there; when it's "that time of the month" and you can't sleep at night and find yourself crying over cat youtube videos and can't control the tears that are rolling down your face. Yeah, that. 

My hormones have always been what I like to call "apparent" but in the last 5 months (shortly after my 19th birthday) things got wako. 
I mean like I was on an emotional rollercoaster- and it wasn't just that week before/during my period it was EVERYDAY. I quickly realized that something was off and of course "took to Google." I learned that the most common solution was Birth Control and no part of me wanted to pump my body with that stuff. I had seen and heard to many of the horror stories of the side effects from BC (acne, weight gain, depression, fatigue, etc.) and wanted no part of it. That being said, I sought out a natural way to remedy my hormone woes. 
and here's what I did:

disclaimer: I, Anna, am in no way remotely close to a medical professional. I am not claiming that the things I have used can cure, heal, or treat a disease or condition. I encourage you to speak with your physician when incorporating something new!

First, lets review the Endocrine System. 
The endocrine system is made up of a network of glands. These glands secrete hormones to regulate many bodily functions including growth, metabolism, tissue function, sexual reproduction, sleep, mood, etc. 
Endocrine diseases (over or under functioning thyroid, adrenal fatigue, etc.) are common and occur when glands produce an incorrect amount of hormones. 
So, we want to make sure this system is running smoothly and the way God intended it to.

How do you know that the system is down?
Hormones are chemical messengers that travel throughout the body coordinating complex processes like I mentioned before. They can influence the function of the immune system, and even alter our behavior. 
so here are some signs that you might need to give your ES some TLC 

Increased anxiety/depression/moodiness (hello)
Low energy (hello)
Fatigue (opp yep hey)
Difficulty sleeping/staying asleep (mm hi)
Excessive hunger (me, all the time)
Low libido
Fertility issues
Difficulty gaining or losing weight
Brain fog
and the list goes on....

How do I fix it?
This was my question exactly. Now that you've recognized where the issue might be, lets talk about some solutions. 

PMS B- Vitamin Supplements

This one came recommended to me from my mamma (shout out to my mom for buying me vitamins and things). 
These supplements contain vitamin B2, B6, and B12 as well as Magnesium, Cramp Bark, Dandelion Leaf, Wild Yam Root, and Black Cohosh Root. 
I take 3 capsules daily with food which was definitely an adjustment for me (I'm not a big pill person)  but now if I miss a day of taking my supplements I can tell. 

Ingesting the vitamins that my body needs while absorbing the extracts my body wants is what I've seen the most results with. Listen to your body. 

Young Living's "Progressence Plus Serum"
*waits for applause to settle*

When I ordered my starter kit with Young Living , I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I unlocked a whole new world of natural wellness and this was one of the first gems I found.

Progressence Plus contains some of the most loved essential oils, including Sacred Frankincense and Peppermint but along with that, this serum contains a natural occurring Progesterone (wait what?). Yeah, you heard me, a natural occurring Progesterone from Wild Yam extract. 
It also contains Vitamin E so it proves to be EXTREMELY beneficial to your skin; highly moisturizing and soothing to promote healthy, glowing skin. Add a few drops to your moisturizer, or massage directly into your skin.
I will typically rub a drop or two (you don't need a lot, a little goes a long way) on the back of my neck and a drop on my forearms for added support. 

After 2 weeks of using this consistently I noticed a drastic difference in my emotions. I felt more in control of my feelings and way more rational. I was sleeping better and more soundly, and to tell you the truth I didn't believe I stopped using it for a week and y'all...I was back on that roller coaster again, headed up for the big of course I immediately went back and applied it to my pressure points. I was then "sold" to say the least. 

"This little bottle is USP-grade, super-micronized progesterone from wild yam blend with essential oils and vitamin E to help women find balance the way nature intended it. Specifically formulated by D. Gary Young, ND, and Dan Purser, MD, Progressence Plus maximizes the effects of progesterone by utilizing an innovative delivery system. The first-ever progesterone serum on the market, this essential oil-infused product enhances substance penetration through the skin and contains pure frankincense, bergamot, and peppermint essential oils."

Primary benefits:
+ Naturally encourages the body's optimal balance
+ Absorbs more quickly than other natural progesterone supplements
+ Does not require cycling of application use

Who should use Pro Plus?:
+ Menstruating females over the age of 12
+ Pre- and Post-Menopausal women 
+ Women seeking natural balance 
+ Women looking for a calming sleep aid

*Do not use in conjunction with contraceptives. 
If pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult a healthcare practitioner prior to use.

Lavender, Joy, Stress Away

These are oils I use on a daily basis that have giving me increased emotional support. 

Lavender: One of the most "well known" essential oils out there. Comes in the starter kit. Smells like actual lavender-not that synthetic, fake junk that we think is lavender.
I put one drop on my feet before going to bed, and sometimes diffuse it as I'm "winding down", I sleep like a baby. 

Stress Away: This is a blend that also comes in the starter kit. It is my "most-used" oil and is actually almost gone...
When I received my kit I immediately put the roller ball (which comes in the kit as well) onto this bottle and got rolling. I was obsessed with the way it smelt and it made me feel so "chill." It contains Balsam Copaiba, Lime, Cedarwood, Vanilla, Ocotea, and Lavender essential oils. It's perfect for those moments you feel stressed or on edge; just by simply inhaling it, almost instantly I felt more grounded.

Joy: Really Anna, You mean to tell me they put Joy in a bottle?
Yeah, pretty much. 
Another blend from Young Living which contains Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Lemon, Coriander, Tangerine, Jasmine, Roman Chamomile, Palmarosa, and Rose essential oils. YL describes it as being  "..formulated to invite a sense of romance, bliss, and warmth." It smells divine in the diffuser and several of my oily friends wear it as their daily perfume. I'll typically apply it over my heart in the morning to help me start my day with an uplifting and simply happy aroma. 

Lifestyle and Hormone Support:

I quickly want to just touch on the importance of having a healthy lifestyle to have happy hormones. We can use our oils all day long for support, but if we're not taking care of ourselves in other ways, we're not going to get the most out of them. It's important that we care of all of the different lifestyle factors- nutrition, sleep, exercise, etc.- to have the happiest hormones!
When we take care of ourselves in these areas, we'll notice even more support from our oils!

Oils I have yet to try:

Endoflex- (blend) Support for healthy thyroid, hormone, metabolism, and adrenal function.
-can be paired with Pro Plus for dynamic duo for ladies, and Shutran for men (yup, they've got an oil for Him too),

Clary Sage- Supports healthy attitude during PMS, and supports menopausal women emotionally due to its balancing nature.
-It contains anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it great to support/relieve any menstrual discomfort (bye bye cramps).
-also brings balance aiding insomnia, heavy menstruation, hot flashes, and healthy skin!

Fennel- Loads of benefits, including the support of regular menstruation cycles (to all my girls that tend to be irregular, this one's for you)

Geranium- Floral powerhouse which helps you fight moodiness, weariness, and fluid retention that may happen at different times of the month. 

Dragon Time- (blend) Promotes feelings of stability and calm during cycles of moodiness. Perfect for supporting normal, healthy, emotions during the female monthly cycle. 
-They also make a massage oil with Dragon Time which I've heard works wonders if you battle heavy cramping like I do, It's coming in my order this month!

I hope this was helpful and educational and also reminds you that you're not alone. So many of us struggle in this area and there's no reason to feel embarrassed or ashamed. I want all of you to be happy, whole, and healthy the way that Jesus intended you to be. Ultimately, He gives us the peace that surpasses all understanding and He is the mighty healer that takes away all of our sickness and diseases. He cares about our adrenal glands and our endocrine system running smoothly and doesn't want you to struggle any longer. 
Feel free to comment, message, email me any questions you might have, I'm always happy to chat or go into more detail about the things I've mentioned. 

If you would like to get your hands on these oils mentioned, again just shoot me a message and I'll get you all the information you need!

With love

January 3, 2018

That Photo Shoot You Wanted To See

For all of you that requested to "see more" on my Instagram, this one's for you!

My sweet, wonderful, talented friend and "Boyfriend's sister" Camryn Comer (@kknicolecomer) did an incredible job with these photos. 

Did I mention that Mama Selenia was in town for Christmas and she joined in on the fun?!

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