November 8, 2017

Take To The Mountains

There are hundreds of things I love about living in North Carolina, one of them is having the mountains only 3 hours from my house. 
Thankfully Jesus gave me a boyfriend that enjoys driving and creating memories. 
We loaded up our Sacajawea, 3rd gen. 4runner and took to the parkway.

As I stood here, overlooking the vastness of His creation- the way the mountain peaks overlap, the stillness in which the earth waves goodbye to the day and welcomes the night; my very being felt so completely small. I began to search myself and the deep intricacies of my thoughts, I uncovered a hidden longing within that I had so desperately tried to suppress. It is in my human nature to long to grow, to flourish; but sadly I have yet to master the seasons of hybernation; the autumn and winter of the soul if you will. What is it about "the waiting" that is so challenging? Is is jealousy? comparison? covetousness? What ever the cause may be, I somehow wiggled my way into unhappiness because I convinced myself that I was lacking something. As I stared out into the open space, as the sun blinked before finally shutting her eyes for the night, I realized the only way I will ever truly flourish in the God intended, purest design, is to replace what’s “mine” with His; to separate from my will and receive his will. If every good and perfect thing is from Him, then there should be no fear in giving up what’s “mine”.
His time is always perfect, and I must learn to live through seasons like these (autumn and winter) to experience seasons like those (spring and summer).

This topic has remained on the forefront of my mind since this trip. I'm learning how to grow in time, He's teaching me patience and I'm soaking in all I can. 

On to the outfit deets::::

This darling corduroy blazer I scored in my latest thrift haul. It goes with me everywhere. I've instantly transformed into Jackie from That 70s Show. 

Oh these boots. You know me and my Franco Sarto. As soon as I pop these boys on, I'm on cloud 9. 
I've got a kick in my step that's for sure!

And lastly, this chunky knit sweater from Romwe. The neckline is perfect and its thin enough to layer over as well. I love the cut and the hem, it's definitely a staple in my closet. Another perk is the price, so if you're looking for affordable sweaters check them out: Romwe


Corduroy Jacket: Thrift Store

Khaki Sweater: Romwe 

Black Leather Booties: Franco Sarto

Black and White Striped Turtleneck: Thrift Store

October 12, 2017

Throw Some Denim On It

It's true, this has definitely become one of my life mottos. Ask anyone that sees me on a regular basis. When Anna doesn't know what to wear, her go-to is almost always denim. Sometimes even denim on denim (shout out to Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake 2001 AMA red carpet reveal).

If you've been following along with me you'll probably already know the secret love affair I have with comfy, cute, snuggle-friendly clothing. You probably also know the love I have for my sweet friends and inspiring girl bosses over at Dwell And Slumber. I figured with the weather changing (finally!) it was time to get outside, throw on a denim jacket, and prance around in my favorite caftan lounge gown.

Another motto to live by: Everything is better with a fedora 

I paired my black ripped denim with my Desert Rose Classic Caftan (LINK)
along with my black leather booties and of course that denim jacket I've been ranting about. 

I've said it a thousand times, but boy am I thankful for seasons changing. Bring on the fall/winter days. 

There are those pockets again...could you just scream? *heart eyes*

If you decide to recreate this look, shoot me an email or tag me in your posts because I would love to see it! You can't go wrong with denim. 

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