May 4, 2016

No Clue What I'm Doing...

Well hey there lovelies,

A couple days ago I was sitting in a coffee shop across the street from my job conversing with my best friend over lavender mochas and torn up denim. We were discussing, yet again, my upcoming departure this coming July and she casually made the suggestion that I begin blogging. I brushed it off at first but as our conversation continued things began clicking in my head. It would be a fantastic way to keep my supporters back home as well as my friends and family updated on my missions work and travel. Also, I would be able to document all that the Lord is doing in my own life and this coming experience/adventure. 

So, here it is, a blog. 
I have absolutely no clue what I am doing. I had no idea how serious some people took this whole "blogging thing" and to be honest, it's extremely overwhelming. 
But hey, I'm just gonna give it a shot and we'll see where it goes.  

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