June 4, 2016

Delaney, The Best Worst Car I've Ever Had.

Okay fam,
This one is a little tough.
I'm not sure why, well, I am, but beware...this could get a little sappy.
Alright so when I was fifteen I got my little permit to drive on KC roads. My mom came into the house one day in tears because she had purchased a car for me not knowing that the body work would end up being such a hassle. It needed new tires, a new head light, new windshield wipers, and a radio. The car had yet to pass inspection and was no where near ready to drive. But it was a car. Her plan was to surprise me on my sixteenth birthday but after having the mechanic look at it, she just left discouraged. Of course I was understanding, it was a CAR! I didn't think in a million years my single mother would be able to buy me a car. So what if the body was all wrecked? It was safe to drive, had great mileage, great gas mileage, engine was perfect, heat and AC worked great, the only thing wrong with it was the ratchet looking hood and fender. The guy who owned the car before me drove it into a brick wall...AND SHE STILL RUNS.

Anyway, fast forward
I get a job, get everything fixed to pass inspection, and bam! I hit the KC roads with license in hand and my Honda Civic at my side (more like bum side) who now had a name: Delaney.
I've driven this car now for about 2 and a half years. But now that I am leaving the country and have no way of paying the storage and fees to store Delaney for six months, I had to sell her. Not to mention I'm still short some finances for my DTS.
Because she's such an amazing car, I didn't even have to post her up. Word got around and I had about three different people wanting to take a look at her. I ended up excepting an offer from a friend willing to put in time to fix her up on the outside. Yay Delaney! You're going to get some plastic surgery on your face! Finally!

Little did I know that selling my first car would bring up all these emotions. I'm like honestly all up in my feelings now and its annoying. What is it about this time in your life when literally everything you've known for the past, I don't know, eight years is completely changing or coming to an end? I spent all of high school waiting to be a senior thinking that's when my life would finally start, but news flash lower classmen, thats when it ends.
ok, sorry that was super dramatic.
Your life doesn't actually end, it just DRASTICALLY changes.
Something I'm learning in this season of my life is that in order to move forward, you have to leave something behind; friends I've had for years, my favorite coffee shops, thrift shops, skyscrapers, familiar streets and creeks and neighborhoods, my job, my home, my family, and my car. I'm sad I'm loosing my first car but more than that, I'm grieving the memories made. I have all of these amazing memories from school and from the summers and it's like I'm saying goodbye to apart of my youth.

This is "adulthood" apparently. I wouldn't know. In fact I don't think very many adults know exactly when adulthood begins. Some say 18, some say 21, some say when school is done, some say when you get a job, and some say once you move out of your parent's basement. I just know that getting rid of my 16th birthday present made me realize how quickly it all goes by. I know, I know, that's what they all say but ITS SO TRUE. It sometimes feels like it will never end but I promise you once you make it to the end you'll see it. They keep telling me I have my whole life ahead of me...and that freaks me out. Rightfully so though. From here on out the decisions I make have a huge impact on my future success. But I'm gonna quit thinking about it before I get sick to my stomach.

One more thing I want to share:
My last day with Delaney included a deep clean and car wash along with a QuikTrip stop and some Blue River Road winding. I also had to play a selection of my favorite tracks to commemorate my last jam session.
"Greek Tragedy"-The Wombats
"Hurts Like Heaven"-Coldplay
"She's A Riot"-The Jungle Giants
Just to name a few.

Well, I leave you with that.
Rest easy fam
Love you BIG

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