September 22, 2016

Going Out With A Bang

My time here in Kona has been incredibly healing, challenging, stretching, and absolutely beautiful. The Lord could've directed me anywhere in the world but I'm sure glad He led me to Hawaii. Looking back I can honestly say I've never experienced this much spiritual growth in such a small amount of time. The work that Lord has done and is continuing to do in my heart excites me for the future and what's to come. I have never felt so supported by the church community, both my community back home and my new community here. The Lord has surrounded me with beautiful friends that constantly push me closer to Jesus and provoke me unto righteousness. And it doesn't hurt to have more photographer friends *wink* (photo creds: Austin Comer).  As we bid farewell to the island, a group of us decided one more island adventure seemed fitting. Not only am I packing up shirts and shorts for outreach, but quite a large stack of precious memories to bring along the journey. 

(Obviously had to end with sushi)

Peace Out Hawaii!


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  1. Great photos. And beautifully written. So glad to hear of all the Lord has done and is doing in your heart!


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