September 2, 2016

SOS Tension

I wanna throw this out there. It's the end of week 8. I am at the end of the fund raising process. I've written about this whole thing before. TRUSTING GOD STINKS! Okay, maybe "stinks" isn't a good word to Stressful? Draining? Difficult? Exhausting? It sucksss. But at the same time it's freaking beautiful. I can honestly say I love this even though it's so messy. Out of His kindness, He gives me waves of peace and grace whenever I break out in cold sweats. He's still talking to me. He's still teaching me. He's still with me. And the idea that I will look back on this with a testimony of His faithfulness gives me so much hope. 
But I am still in need of $1952! OUR DEADLINE WAS YESTERDAY! September 1st. I have no idea where this money is going to come from, but I've watched it trickle in slowly. I currently have $32.10 in my account, and I need to buy soap and tooth paste so more like $20. 
(Totally just got hit with another stress wave). Okay. My point is to invite you guys into the process with me. I want to share every part of my journey with you. My heart is breaking for this nation. I'm so excited and so ready to set foot on South African soil. I can't wait to see what the Lord does and how He chooses to use me and my team. But before that can happen, I have to camp out right here in this cloud of tension. Waiting is the worst...but also the best. 
Prayerfully consider partnering with me. We want to see the love of Jesus poured out in a nation that has no idea how valuable they are the Him. 
Love offerings could be given through PayPal: 
Through my student account here on the campus:

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