September 23, 2016

Traveling Chronicles

We've been traveling since Tuesday, September 20th. It is now Friday, September 23rd. We are currently standing in our customs line trying to calculate how many hours of travel that adds up to. 36...45...38? Don't know, it's just been a long time. Our outreach team is traveling the furthest this quarter. Hawaii to South Africa ain't no hop, skip, and a jump if you know what I'm saying.

Our 12 hour layover in Frankfurt, Germany mixed with a mix of boredom and curiousity led us to a train ride and a walk through the beautiful city. 

I might be experiencing my first round of serious jet lag, but I have never felt so stoked to travel. I definitely think I've caught the vagabond bug and need to plan a trip to Europe again... 
4/5 flights down, one more left! Cape Town awaits us. Onward travelers.
 But first, coffee: 

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