October 18, 2016

Full Time Ministry?

Hey, let's do some catch up.
This last week we contracted our community "bug." So far about 7 of us have suffered the worst head cold of the 21 century and one of our team members caught a case of Bronchitis + an ear infection (sorry Kasey). Because of the epidemic, some of our ministry throughout the week was temporarily placed on hold as we tried to nurse each other back to health (this was a pretty serious cold guys[I mean it wasn't that bad...but]). 

I kinda see this as a Segway and I'm gonna invite you into this real fast:
Our DTS (discipleship training school) is entitled A Life Together (as you all know) and A Life Together DTS is unlike most discipleship training schools in the sense that it's focus is different than most. When I was fundraising I explained that the heartbeat of this school was to see unity in diversity and community displayed well and practically. During our lecture phase in Kona we spent many hours sitting together discussing how to make this happen within our group and within the nation of South Africa and back then it was super easy. What does biblical community look like? How do you actively love your neighbor in a world filled with hate? How do you have joy and suffer pain simultaneously? How do you bear with one another? How do we reconcile with one another? What really is "loving well?" These were all questions we wrestled with together, and at the time, felt we had the answers to...then we got to South Africa. I wish I could express to you how beautiful this nation and its people are, but my words will fail me. Though, in all of this beauty, there is so much suffering, brokenness, discord, and hatred; suddenly all of our preconceived "knowledge" fell to the way side and the only answer we could come up with was Christ Jesus. For the gangsters and murders locked up in prison, to the kids in Lavender Hill who lost loved ones due to those same gangsters and murders; there is no answer on how to love, forgive, and reconcile except for Christ Jesus. A Life Together is also actually living together, under the same roof (as I've told you before, there are 15 of us [11 students, 4 staff]). There's tension and frustration and again, we've been trying to implement all of our plans and strategies but at the end of the day...non of it works without Jesus in the midst. I'm telling you this because as a school we have come to a revelation that this outreach is unlike most. We feel that maybe our main ministry is to pour life into each other and minister to one another and really intentionally love each other for the next two months. We can't go into townships and preach that we should love our neighbors if we are coming home and hating and slandering our brothers. Because of this, we have devoted a lot of time during the week as a team to develop this culture of unity and love. We long to see reconciliation go forth into the body of Christ but first, we must see it in the midst of us. 

"As the blessedness of the world works it's self into our personhood we feel an echo within ourselves. As we look upon poverty the poverty within ourselves is revealed. As we look upon brokenness we see the brokenness within our hearts and lives. As we look upon slavery we see the things to which we are slaves to. Do not resist the echo for your healing is bound up in the healing of others."
(Something we discussed together as a group last Wednesday)
Our prayer is that as Jesus heals our hearts that He would then turn and heal this nation. 

 Again, just inviting you into the process. 

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