January 18, 2017

I Moved To A Farm?

Well hey there, it's been awhile. 
I believe the last time we spoke I was living it up in the Motherland of Cape Town, South Africa. Boy do I miss it some days. 
Basically, to catch you up, I graduated my Ywam DTS almost exactly a month ago (December 15, 2016), concluding my six month season of intense (really intense) growth and maturing in my relationship with the Lord. I then headed back home to my favorite city on the planet, Kansas City, MO. The ocean of emotions that flooded my heart when I landed back in the heart of the US are indescribable. Now, ya'll can knock me as much as you want, I'm fully aware that there are more beautiful places to live than the midwest, but it's home and I love it. A few weeks before leaving SA my mom had called me and asked me what my ideas were pertaining moving from KC, and through a series of events, I really felt that my time in Kansas City was coming to a close. So when I arrived back home for the holidays, I knew that it was just a quick "hello" followed by a "see you later."

I'm not going to get into the details of how we ended up in South Carolina (yes, I'm in SC). I now live in Campabello, South Carolina...on a farm, The Thirsty Goose Farm to be exact. I, Anna, the biggest "city girl" of them all (well my mom might actually hold that title) is living on a farm. 

That mini polar bear in the bottom left corner is Chena. She's a great white pyrenees puppy who's main roll is to guard the livestock on the farm and I absolutely love her. 

Ya'll remember Austin? From Kona? Yeah, we're dating. I don't really have anything else to say about that. With tons and tons of prayer and seeking the Lord's heart and direction for the both of us, we're pretty happy about the outcome. Did I mention Austin lives about an hour and 45 minutes away from me so we see each other quite often (blessed). 

It's real nice dating a videographer with a photographer for a sister. That being said, photo creds: Austin Comer and Kk Comer. We're already documenting the heck out of this relationship and it hasn't even been a month yet.

Forgive the spam, but there were just so many good ones. 
The purpose of this blog was to update all of you on "what has been" and "what will be."
The last six months I have used this outlet to share the stories and testimonies of lecture phase and outreach but now that that season has come to a close, I will be transforming this blog back into my lifestyle blog. I will be posting a huge variety of things from "Thrift hauls" and "DIYs" and "Travel stories" as well as sharing day to day joys and struggles of loving Jesus whole heartedly. Stand by for the wild ride. 

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