May 25, 2017

Let's talk about Earth

Hello lovelies! I'm back, and this time I've got lots of new things to chat about!
Since beginning my own art business I've been thinking more about local businesses and owners. I began looking into shops and brands that I had been shopping with for ages and discovered most of them were stingy, covetous, misers that endorsed slave labor in their production and importation of goods. Needless to say, I went searching for brands and businesses that wanted to fight the system; businesses that actually sought to benefit others and the world we live in. So with that being said...Let's talk about Earth.

Earth Brands Footwear (Check out their website) is a brand I just stumbled upon recently and after reading up on their story and the make up of their shoes I just knew I had to share them with you. They pride themselves on being earth conscious, and rightfully so. They use only water-based adhesives instead of toxic cured glues and hot melts primarily used in shoe construction; Their shoe boxes and packaging are glue free and made of recyclable materials, even their warehouse is on it's way to being carbon neutral! Earth has also recently partnered with Trees For The Future so by purchasing a pair of shoes you are also planting a tree for a healthier tomorrow! Be sure to register after purchasing your shoes HERE!

Along with supporting a brand that is doing incredible things for our environment as well as sporting super stylist shoes...they're COMFORTABLE!
I'm not kidding you guys, I've been wearing heels since I was three years old (referred to as "hee heels"= high heels) and these are the most comfortable pair of shoes I own. Don't believe me? Go read the features and benefits on their website.

Okay okay... If you're just not a "heels" kinda girl, I get it, have no fear, they have absolutely adorable flats as well!

Here are the links to the pairs I'm wearing in this shoot:

If you're look for a good pair of quality shoes and a brand worth supporting Earth is has it all! 
I hope this inspires you to look deeper into the companies you choose to support and in turn help promote people and businesses that are doing good and impacting those around us. 
Hugs all around
 Talk soon

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