June 13, 2017

Healing From The Inside Out

I've recently been brainstorming ways to create a better variety of content for the blog. Since picking up blogging again, I have discovered this new love for writing. Maybe it got passed down from my author Mother, maybe I just like wearing my fancy reading glasses, or my desire to come across as an overall intelligent, educated young woman took over. Either way I thought I would, yet again, take a different approach to this post. 
If you know me in person you know I have been fascinated with skin and hair care for ages. Recently I have taken a more natural avenue when it comes to what I put onto and into my body. I've made some semi-drastic dietary changes (I say drastic because it hasn't been very easy for me; girl loves her ice cream and pork rinds [DO NOT JUDGE ME]) and tossed all skin care and beauty products that I felt were harmful to me due to loads of unnecessary chemicals and junk. And yes, I have seen amazing results since making these changes and encourage all of you to re-evaluate in the same way. 
But I want to bring up another topic of discussion, the health and beauty of our souls. Wow, big words Anna. 
We've all heard it before. Our moms, grandmas, teachers, I'm pretty sure even Sesame Street had an episode about it; be beautiful on the inside. "It's what's on the inside that counts"- sound familiar? 
I remember the first day of my freshman year of high school. I was probably the most insecure little 13 almost 14 year old. Middle school was a tough one (as it was for so many of us) and I was freaked that high school would be just as bad, if not worse. Because of my insecurities, everything got covered up; my (what I thought to be) obnoxious laugh, my natural curly hair, that huge zit on my forehead (it was more like 4 or 5 but we're just gonna label it as a single big one and avoid the hormonal acne talk). Every thing was masked and I walked around like a chameleon trying to blend into all of these different groups and clicks. That phrase concerning inner beauty didn't get me into that one friendship group, or that part in the play I wanted, or the attention of the stupid boys in school. Now I don't want to take you all down memory lane here but I just wanted to paint a good background for you. By the time my senior year rolled around I was much more comfortable with myself, I didn't care about the opinions of others as much, and was much less self absorbed 
but I didn't realize what those early teen years had done to my self esteem. I might have changed my perspective and matured a bit but I still carried this underlying foundation of disliking myself. 
Here I am, almost 19, just now diving into the truth about beauty and acceptance. 
There has been this new wave of beauty gurus and celebrities all promoting natural beauty and "self love" and I love and respect so many of them but what I don't understand is why there is such a need for that kind of positive encouragement and affirmation. Why is it that so many women specifically struggle with self image? 
SIDE NOTE: I'm not only singling out the issue of feeling beautiful, I'm talking about issues such as feeling desirable, feeling intelligent, feeling strong, feeling worth something. 
Is it because of our horrible habit of comparison? Is it because we have created unrealistic expectations for ourselves and wrestle with our unhealthy ideals? Is it because we strive to fill voids that were never ours to fill? 
I don't know about you but I don't want to struggle with this for the rest of my life. I know so many women that are 10-20 years older than me still struggling with these issues I've stated; women that have done amazing, extraordinary things with their lives; accomplished things I can only dream about, yet they are so incredibly unhappy with themselves. 
This isn't something we can spot treat, or dye a different color. There has to be a a literal healing from the inside out. It truly is what's on the inside that counts. 
And since we've having "Soul Talk" you know the only way to achieve that kind of deep clean is 'through the renewing of your thinking in your mind by the Spirit, and to clothe yourself with the new person created according to God’s image in justice and true holiness.' -Ephesians 4:23-24
The only way this changes is we have to let go of all of our ideas of who and what we think we should be and we must step back and allow the Holy Spirit to lead us into the fullness of who and what the Father wants us to be. It's literally as simple as that. We are unhappy because we don't recognize where it is the Father has us in our journey with Him. Every day we have to fight the Enemy's attack on our identity, every day it's a different blow on a different aspect of our true selves. 
So grab your spiritual 7-day cold pressed juice cleanse and begin to flush out all of these negative ideas that have clogged up our godly perspective. I'm preaching to myself when I say this. This isn't a simple hump to get over either, like I said there is always going to be something we must combat with truth. It's the way we combat it though that matters. The best time to start is now, so that in 20 years when we're standing in front of our bathroom mirror discovering grey hairs for the first time or new wrinkles carved into our foreheads, or some new flab in places we didn't know we had, our confidence isn't shaken. 
Dress yourselves with strength sweet friends, enlarge your hearts to give and to receive love, and fill your minds with things above. I invite you to come on this journey with me, let's create a community of women that walk in confidence and boldness into the jewels we were created to be. 
(enjoy some throw back images from Hawaii)

Talk soon

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  1. So good Anna!
    1- let go of my opinion of me, and take on His
    2- let go of my perspective of how my environment/society should look or treat me 'right now', and take on His
    3- let go of how I think my future will look based on the way things are going, and take Him at His word :)
    As a guy ✌️my process of dealing with failures and weaknesses may look different, but great grace to all yall as you press in to be kept and held by Him! Little victories

    1. Ugh so true and so so good! Thank you for your words and your encouragement!


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