June 15, 2017

Let's Talk About Birdie Boutique

Okay I really love these posts. 
One of my favorite things is discovering individuals that have pursued their dreams and are successful in it! 
How often do you meet someone that carried a dream or a vision in their hearts for ages and are now reaping the fruit from it?
 This is Birdie Boutique

These girls have created the most precious environment of creatives. 
The talented owner Ms. Kia Cleveland fashioned a shop filled with gorgeous unique pieces all conveying the beauty of a free spirit, and the inspired trend setter.  

I am so honored to represent this beautiful little shop, even all the way on the other side of the country! 

The detail on this top still slays me. 

Here's the link to shop

Okay but this one...this one is a favorite!
The coziest little slip I own!
I wear it all of the time

You think I'm exaggerating
but I really wear it all of the time
slippers and all:

Here's the link to shop this one 

I'm all about shopping small businesses and local shops so if you've got that shopping bug and want to fund a sweet group of Birdies I highly recommend! 
Lots of love friends 
Talk soon!

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