June 30, 2017

Waterfall Hoping (much better than Party Hoping)

If you ever have the opportunity to go somewhere you've never been, walk a long while, get muddy while doing it, laugh a bunch, wade into ice cold water, and fall asleep that night with loads of memories stored...take it. 

Here's some pictures from our waterfall adventure a few weekends ago:

 I also want to point out my favorite beach towel that goes with me every where. It's a staple in my travel backpack and I'm a big fan. Sand Cloud creates the most beautiful, practical towels that are light weight and dry quickly; perfect for any beach day, day on the lake, or in my case, afternoons splashing in waterfalls. Every purchase helps the purpose of protecting marine life and ocean conservation. Sand Cloud has partnered with several different institutes and organizations specifically fighting for marine life; inviting everyone to be advocates for endangered species and the ocean's ecosystem. 
Here's the link to their info video 
I highly encourage you to check them out! They carry a wide variety of different patterns as well as shirts and accessories! Another amazing brand worth supporting. 
Talk soon friends 

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