July 25, 2017

Let's talk about Hari Mari

I really don't want to be that downer that opens up with "SUMMER IS ALMOST OVER" but.... I hate to break it to you...SUMMER IS ALMOST OVER!
Back to school stuff is out in stores already and I already went to my college orientation for the fall semester. I'm not going to lie to you though, I prefer sweaters over swimsuits so I'm a bit excited for my first fall in North Carolina. I want to chat a bit about my favorite summer goods before the summer is out, so with that
Let's talk about Hari Mari!


I spent the weekend with Austin and his family at their family beach house in Surfside Beach, SC. 
I only brought my two pairs of Hari Mari flops...what does that tell you about my flip flop obsession?
Here's my bullet point rant:
  • They're comfortable
  • They're colorful
  • They're Boat-Safe 
  • They don't leave marks
  • They don't make me trip (it really is a miracle) 
  • Their name means Of The Sun, Of The Sea
  • They use sustainably-grown textiles and renewable materials
  • They will take your used flops (of any brand) for repurposing and recycling and in return give you 15% off your next Hari Mari pair
  • They donate a percentage of sales to support kids fighting cancer and call it "Flops Fighting Cancer" (HOW GREAT IS THAT?!)

This is definitely a brand you'll want to get behind and support. 
And look how freakin' stylish they are

And they've got gear too! Including shirts, tanks, hats, and other cool stuff!
Won't take my word for it? Here's their website Hari Mari so you can see for yourself!

...sorry I'm yelling, I'm just excited
I got some sun this weekend as well if you couldn't tell

I love having this opportunity to shed some light on companies and brands that are pursuing eco fashion, sustainability, quality over quantity, and the greater good. Thanks for sticking with me and I hope you go and snag yourself a pair of Hari Mari flops before the cold front comes in. 
Talk soon buddies

Here's Austin taking a night dip at the pool 

July 11, 2017

Styling A Lounge Dress 3 Different Ways

Comfort is a priority when it comes to my wardrobe. Now, the five-inch stilettos in my closet are an exception (they're just so cute ya'll).
I've make it a point to always share with you the treasures I stumble upon in the fashion and beauty world and this T-shirt midi is one of them. Let me introduce you to Dwell And Slumber.
These girls have successfully designed and produced the perfect lounge dress. This dress comes in a huge variety of colors and patterns (seasonal and classic alike) and can be worn at a variety of different events, occasions, and locations. 
This is no normal t-shirt dress ladies; this dress is a staple. It works for the busy career woman with loads of info meetings and conference calls to attend to, it works for the stay-at-home mommy chasing a toddler with one on the way (it's bump friendly as well nursing friendly), and it works for the lazy college student who just doesn't want to put on pants that day (I.e. me). 
If that doesn't convince you that you need this dress in your closet, then take a look at three different ways I styled my olive classic caftan

1: The Denim Tuck
Here's me channeling my inner "Free People Model Off Duty" 


2. The Belt Knot 
(Snake Skin flats making their forever comeback) 


3. The "Outside In" Tie

These are just a few ways I have styled my Dwell And Slumber dress in the past. I hope you find them inspiring and that they spark your creativity when it comes to styling basic pieces in your wardrobe!
Talk Soon

P.S. Leave a comment below if you would like to see a little tutorial on the "Outside In" Tie above.

Also, Mama is in town and snuck into our shoot so here's a couple of us:

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