August 1, 2017

Time Management And Finding Balance

Oh this is a fun one. 
I figured that I would choose a topic very difficult for me and maybe stumble into some sort of "enlightenment"
Since moving out on my own I have learned very quickly that there aren't enough hours in the day. My "To Do" List has things on there from 3 weeks back that have yet to be done. Despite how late I stay up at night or how early I wake up in the morning, I just haven't mastered it yet. 
A handful of you are looking at me like "just wait till you're married with kids" or "try running a business all by yourself" or "have you ever tried working a full-time job while in full-time school?" and you probably have the right to, and you're probably much better with time management than I am. Either way, I hope this post inspires you to look at planning, balance, structure, and time differently. 

Here's my two cents:
I'm sure all of us can name at least one thing that we would rather do than go to work on a daily/weekly/monthly (however your work schedule lays out) basis. I'm sure on a day full of work, errands, meetings, group outings there's a few things in the back of your mind whispering "hey, you can tune me out but I'll still be here when you get home" "you still have to do this" "you still have to do that" etc.
I recently find myself laying in my bed at night, staring up at my dark ceiling, going through a mental check list. "I did that, I did this: I haven't done that yet, I need to do this soon; I should have done this three days ago....(You get the picture)." 

So far, the most helpful thing I have discovered is to take every day one step at a time. You only have today, you can't change anything you did yesterday and you aren't productive at all by pushing it to tomorrow. Of the 10 things you have on your list pick 3 that will get done today (I typically do this by order of aware though that for some things, say laundry, can only be put off for so long...if you catch my drift). 

Next I decide what things absolutely have to happen during my week. Work is an absolute, girl has to work to eat, but that coffee date could be moved to a different day or to next week so I'm not spreading myself to thin. Pick one day out of that week solely to feed your spirit, meaning pick a day to do just what you want. If you choose to deep clean your bathroom or go get your oil're doing it wrong. This is a day to pamper yourself, or to paint a picture, or to watch Netflix, you decide. Now if your schedule absolutely won't allow an entire day, than pick a day with a couple free hours, just make sure you're finding time for yourself. This is so healing I promise, you won't believe how much it helps. 

Something I really struggle with is keeping myself from dreaming of being somewhere else; learning to love where I'm at. It's so easy to slip into ruts when you are constantly wishing you were traveling all over the world instead of working in a coffee shop, or dreaming of being a full-time freelance artist instead of working a 9-5 office job. If you're passionate and dedicated your dreams will become a reality in due time, but in the meantime you can't hate on where you are now, otherwise you just end up down in the dumps and stuck; not moving forward, not moving back. Keep reminding yourself that this time is just a stepping block on your journey towards your goals. 

Ultimately there are practicals like turning off your phone until you accomplish what you need to do, or learning how to say "no" when people ask you to do something when you know you can't etc. but all of those are up to you and how you decide to distribute your time. I just know that recently I have begun to see that big kids have way more responsibility therefore, we have to be better with how we manage our time.
Lastly, this morning me and the boy went for coffee and shot some pictures in my girly Conrado dress so I thought I would share.
Continuing my series of shedding light on small businesses and sustainable fashion, this is Conrado.
Founded by the beautiful designer Angela Sison; she works on crafting all of the patterns and chooses to use deadstock fabrics that she collects during her travels which makes her styles special, unique, and one of a kind. Conrado pieces are produced in the Philippines in her mother's small family-run factory. Angela also travels regularly to work closely with seamstresses and pattern makers to ensure perfect fit and quality! 

I'm wearing her beautiful Carmela Apron Dress

This dress makes be want to have a dusky beach picnic in the sand and the low open back is my absolute favorite.  

I chose to style it with denim just because today was a bit breezy and I wasn't prepared to combat a gust of wind *wink* so I played it safe just incase she decided to fly up. 

Again, totally recommend checking out their online shop and encourage you all to do your research pertaining what brands you're supporting and where your money is going. 

We'll talk soon
All my love

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